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1969 Magnetische Pruefanlagen GmbH, a subsidiary company of Institut Dr. Foerster, was established. The products of Foerster are based on Discoveries of Friedrich Foerster made in 1937.

The main focus of Magnetische Pruefanlagen GmbH has been on services ever since the company was established. Components in use are tested on site for lack of flaws, preferably in the power generation industry and chemical plants. Especially reformer pipe testing in chemical plants is still a major focus to date.

1990 The development and manufacture of eddy current sensors was added as a new line of business. Sensors adapted to the test objective on hand improve the test results, often considerably.

2005 The responsibility for the continued development of mobile FOERSTER testing and measuring equipment was transferred to the company. The existing know-how in the development and practical application of sensors was an excellent foundation for the development of modern and powerful testing equipment, e.g. the DEFECTOMETER M and the multi-channel DEFECTOSCOP MC.

Early in 2013, the responsibility for the continued development of the stationary FOERSTER testing equipment for the testing of components that are relevant for safety and critical for function in the automotive and automotive supplier industries was transferred to MP.